Jordynn + Dylan | State Fair Date Night

The best nights are usually unplanned, random and spontaneous.

I snuck off one evening to the state fair with these two cute humans. Meet Dylan and Jordynn. Jordynn is a hair and make up artist and always a dream to work with, Dylan is a stylish bartender who lights drinks on fire- together they're a pretty rad pair. We hung out at the fair together, rode some rides, watched crazy carnies, played some games, and ate some corndogs, kept things pretty casual- a super fun night out in our hometown here! It's all fun and games until someone eats the outside of the corndog off. 

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Danielle + Spencer | Lake Trillium Engagement

The belonged to each other. And No matter what life would hold for them it would never alter that their happiness was in eachother’s keeping
— Lucy Maud Montgomery

Meet Danielle and Spencer. They're cute, right?! We were looking for a killer shot of Mt. Hood for these photos and we nailed it. What I didn't know was that despite it being 85 degrees and sunny at home (it was during a really rare overheated spring week we were having in the PNW) there would still be a couple of feet of snow on the trail out there. I showed up in denim shorts and converse and had to run to a nearby gas station to buy a pair of mens sweatpants (it was freaking cold). Danielle showed up in sandals, needless to say we were a bit unprepared for hiking 4 miles in 2 feet of snow but we were all the way out there and were not going to turn back now. I lent her some of my old converse sneakers I had in my jeep, we grabbed our bags and we all headed out. The view coming around the last corner made the trek so worth it. We walked around for a bit, played, laughed, and just as the sunset we decided to head back to our cars. The trek back to the cars in the snow and dark was a bit rough, we joked that we would some day laugh about it but not then at that moment (it's someday, we can laugh about it now) We got back to the cars at dark, just as the feeling in everyone's toes was starting to disappear. These two are getting married in Black Butte and I can not wait to capture their wedding day! Cheers to amazing views, frozen toes, and these two being ridiculously cute. 

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