From like, actual people. These are MY people. The ones I served, the ones I cared about and CARE about. Their words, their feelings and their thoughts are some of the most VALUED opinions to me (and should be to you too!)

( also, if you are a former couple of mine, and want to send me your thoughts, I gladly welcome them on Facebook, Google, The Knot, or through an email. Thank you! )



“Our time together was AMAZING. Every time we spent together was amazing. To start off, I didn't think I'd want/need an engagement session but BOY AM I GLAD I DID. It allowed Bryce and I to be comfortable together and for us to get comfortable with you! And it was so so so fun. Even if we didn't get one single good picture out of it, I am so glad we did it. It was new and exciting and different. It allowed us to trust you and get to know your personality, what you're looking for and JUST HAVE FUN. Sometimes I think in the wedding planning you get so worried about silly things that these little sessions are so worth it. It was good for Bryce to realize what we were getting into. AND making out on a rock... who doesn't want to do that. But to top it all off, the pictures were absolutely KILLER and we got to use them for our guest book and invitations which was so perfect.

Now the wedding, so very important to have a photographer that you want to be best friends with. They are there, in the middle, of such an important, stressful, day. Probably more than anyone (your mom, your spouse, your bridesmaids)... they experience the highs and lows, the moments of freak out and the moments where you're just so full of joy that you can't contain it anymore. Essential that the person that shares all these moments with you is someone who is feeling all the same feels. Everyone at our wedding said "how in the world did you find such a gem?!?" Gina, you fit right in, joined the party and everyone was obsessed with you. But at the same time, sometimes it was like you weren't even there because you just let the day happen without forcing it. Which led to the most amazing pictures. I would say anyone who wants to let their hair down, enjoy the day, and trust you to produce absolute magic... those are the brides who should hire you. We were obsessed with our pictures. The whole day goes so incredibly fast and I'm so thankful we have such beautiful memories. You added all your personality to everything you touched. We couldn't thank you more..”



“My husband and I hired Gina for our August 2018 wedding at Thornewood Castle. We had an engagement shoot, our wedding day, and a day after shoot. Gina is an amazing photographer, plain and simple! She has such an artistic eye, she really brings the most out of her photographs and knows all the right angles, poses, backdrops, lighting, and how to make you look great. She is very professional, super fun and relaxed, responsive, adventurous and very sweet. She drove all the way down to Camas, WA with us for our engagement shoot, and all the way over to Easton, WA for our Day After shoot. Her second shooter David was also super helpful and amazing. She got all the details and little moments I had dreamed of being captured at my wedding and we gushed over every photo. She gave enough direction for us but also totally let us be ourselves and let our personalities shine through. I love how she captured everyone and everything. She is just wonderful, always laughing and made us feel totally at ease. We highly recommend her, and will be going to her for all (future!) family photos and special events. Loved Gina!”

-Avery Aresu


Gina was literally a godsend for us. We knew we had to find an amazing photographer since we will have these photos for the rest of our lives... and she didn’t disappoint! We literally couldn’t have hoped for a more amazing photographer. She is so friendly, and easy to work with. My fiancé and I were both sort of nervous to do our engagement photos, but Gina was so laid back it was easy to be comfortable around her. Our photos came out phenomenal and we cannot wait to see the ones she captures from our upcoming wedding.

-Chanelle Fishman