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Abby and Bryce Engagement

Today is Abby + Bryce’s wedding day! I couldn’t be more excited. I figured it’s as good a time as ever to share their engagement photos! I actually kind of love this because going through their photos made me every more excited for today. We actually took a little trip down to their venue for their photos. I liked this for a couple of reasons- I got to spend car time with them (for those who follow me on IG, you know how much I value my car chats- this is where I get to know my people). We also stopped for Dutch Bros, Abby introduced me to Americano’s, I’ve never turned back since that day. Lastly, I got to see their venue! Which was so fun. Walking around with them, listening to them dream about their day and what was going to be where, and how it was going to be- was so special. I CAN NOT WAIT to see it in action today. Cheers to Abby + Bryce, today is going to be a REALLY FREAKING GOOD DAY.

Johnna and Wade Rad Winter Couples Session

GUYS. I cant. I just CAN NOT. These two are all I ever want in a couple. Completely playful but also incredibly okay with snuggling for hours on end. Meet Johnna and Wade, they're two photographers based out of Arkansas (and they're super good so also be sure to check them out) They're parents to two adorable tiny humans (yeah I know, like the hottest parents ever) and they love The Office, and traveling! Which I'm really happy about because it brought them to the PNW where we got to spend an afternoon in some Leavenworth snow! Thankful for their energy they shared with me, their freaking steamy connection, and beautiful faces! 

Kelsi + Kaylor Brookstom Creek Wedding

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
— Emily Bronte

We all have our people. Your friends, your family, the ones you just seem to click with. Weddings are the same. As a photographer there are certain weddings that just seem to speak the same language as me. Kaylor and Kelsi are good friends of mine. They are incredibly laid back, goodhearted, have a good sense of humor, and my kind of humans. I met Kaylor through our Crossfit gym, so naturally this wedding day kicked off with an early morning workout. They got married at Brookstom Creek in Buckley, Washington. The venue itself has a rustic feel; farm animals, some small barns, and lots of open area against a tree line. Among the animals was this cat that just LOVED everybody. It managed to make its way into the first look photos, napped on a chair during family photos, on the lap of a guest during the ceremony, in the arms of another guest during cocktail hour and snuggled into an elderly ladies scarf at the reception! The day overall was so laid back and fun, I laughed from the time I arrived until the time we left. I loved their sweet little tree planting ceremony, those gorgeous florals, and the bride's rad hair! They ended their night with a sparkler exit and it was one of the best sparkler exits I've gotten to shoot so I want to share it for anyone planning a Sparker exit at their own wedding. The wedding coordinators made a walkway with candles that guests formed a tunnel behind which really helped keep their tunnel clear and safe to walk through for both them and myself! This wedding was a favorite of mine for lots of reasons, reliving their day on my blog brought back so much joy from their wedding day and I feel so lucky to be able to call them friends and have gotten to capture their day! 



Cupcakes: Joyful Cupcakes Dj: David Portugal Planner: Dream Events by Athena Food: Savory and Sweet Flowers: Family Friend, Joyce Venue: Brookstom Creek