morocco engagement session

Caroline and Jacob’s Moroccan Pool Couples Session

This could be one of my favorite shoots to date. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE all of my sessions- my people- their ideas and emotions. BUT THIS ONE- this one was a first for me. A pool session… with two incredibly fun and amazing humans… in an epic and gorgeous Riad… in FREAKING Morocco… at sunrise.

What goes into a shoot like this? First off, alarms are going off at 6am at the LATEST (probably earlier), because shoot time for a sunrise session where we were needed to start around 7am. It was definitely not warm yet for this- Caroline and Jacob were freaking champs. It’s chilly as is, the sun is not up yet, they are in minimal clothing, AND the pool is NOT heated- yeah, insane right? Nothing like snuggling up close together with teeth chattering and bodies literally shaking from being cold. They did it with giant smiles on their faces (and the promise of a hot shower and warm cup of tea waiting for them as soon as they were done) I am completely obsessed with these two, this session, and can not wait until I can convince two more crazies to get up and in the water at 7am for another sunrise pool shoot!

Location: Riad Chamali Workshop: Immersed with Anni Graham Models: Caroline and Jacob Styling and Planning: Mae & Co Creative Florals: Brier and Ivy Swimsuit: Aerie

Marrakech Rooftop Couples Session

After our morning session inside of our Riad, we ended the day on the roof with Nemanja and Darija. She wore a gorgeous sequin dress (like out of this world beautiful). They cuddled up in some Moroccan poufs and pillows and had some tea. The sun went down behind the buildings and we spent the right of the evening chatting over bread and wine.

One thing I learned in Marrakech is how much tea is a part of their culture. Moroccan mint tea in particular is something you will find everywhere. It’s made up of fresh sprigs of mint and dried green tea, it’s not uncommon to add quite a bit of sugar to this tea (traditionally sugar is a sign of wealth). One thing I completely loved about the experience is how they pour their tea. Traditionally from a teapot called a berrad, it is poured high above the tea glass- it’s exciting and effortless. The tea will fall into the glass creating bubbles but not splash and is to be enjoyed with your friends. I LOVE learning cool facts like this about other cultures!

Location: Riad Chamali Workshop: Immersed with Anni Graham Models: Darija + Nemanja Styling and Planning: Mae & Co Creative

Morocco Couples Session at Riad Chamali

One of the shoots from my trip to Africa this past month was with these beautiful humans. Meet Darija and Nemanja. They are BEAUTIFUL humans. They melt effortlessly into each other, love on each other without any cues needed- just a dream for the front of my camera. We hung out in our Riad for a bit before heading outside. We were staying at the Riad Chamali (seriously, if you are visiting Marrakesh, and aren’t sure where to stay- STAY HERE) The entire staff was so hospitable, great food, the place is so clean and just a quick walk to the souks and night market. We loved the little alley outside of our Riad and had a handful of small kids giggling behind the camera at these two kissing and playing- it was pretty cute. I’ll be sharing their rooftop session following this so stay tuned!

Location: Riad Chamali Workshop: Immersed with Anni Graham Models: Darija + Nemanja Styling and Planning: Mae & Co Creative