adventurous engagement session

Jordan + Darien in the North Cascades

I took an adventure up north with Jordan and Darien to check out this spot. It was a few hours away but the views were so worth it. Darien was headed out of state for officer school for 7 months so we took an evening to capture these two before he left. We talked about families, enneagrams, favorite foods and future goals. I LOVE these kinds of car rides that really let me get to know people- I love these two and am so thankful there are people like Darien who serve this country.


For Brooke and Ryan’s engagement session, we started in their adorable little home in Seattle before loading up their VW Bus to head East just a bit towards the mountains. I was completely in love with their home, it is full of character and they told me that most of it has been found or bought in second hand or vintage shops- pretty cool! They have two cats that are their world, so we obviously had to get them involved. Their VW bus’s name is Blanche, and we trekked her out to take in some fresh air. They kicked off their session with a fireball shot and the rest was complete magic- they played, they licked faces, it was great. CAN NOT WAIT for their wedding this summer!