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Jaki and Trevor Wine and Roses Wedding

I’ve always said that my dream clients are kind and goodhearted people. Literally from day 1- that is who I want to work with, that is who I want to serve. Jaki and Trevor are those people. I’ve known Jaki since highschool, we played basketball together and were good friends throughout those years. When she came to me about her wedding, my heart exploded. When I finally got to meet Trevor, on their engagement shoot, I couldn’t have picked a better person for my friend Jaki to get to do life with. He is kind, and smart, and takes her on adventures! If you didn’t see their engagement session, you will want to here: PART 1 and PART 2 (yup, so good they had TWO posts about it) Their wedding was nothing short of the amazing day I imagined it would be- they were surrounded by their family and closest friends, she wore a flower crown, her mom made their cake, they got down with a food truck, there was crowd surfing and a wild dance floor, and they exited their wedding with a lavender toss. IT WAS A REALLY. REALLY. REALLY. GOOD. DAY. My heart is so full from this wedding, and I am so grateful to have been able to witness it, capture it, and be along for the ride. Cheers to J + T!

Venue: Wine and Roses Dress Shop: a&be Seattle Dress Designer: Desiree Hartstock Florals: Shady Floral Co Cake: Bride’s Mom Hair: Christina Miller Make Up: Maria Manio Food Truck: Skillet

Lauren and Ryan Snowy Boho Elopement Inspiration Session

Bringing together both our location, some textures I had recently been inspired by and gorgeous florals- I put together this bohemian styled elopement on the outskirts of Mt. Rainier National Park. I really wanted to show off the rich fall colors of the Pacific Northwest, we had scheduled this for the end of Fall. With the shoot taking place in November, we woke up with sunshine and in the middle of the shoot, we had a seriously bizarre and awesome snow storm. The forecast showed a chance of snow that afternoon- it was completely unexpected, seriously we get like a handful of actual snowy days down at our elevation every year. I remember texting my model, Lauren that morning and we debated on whether or not to move forward with the shoot. I had these amazing florals already done, dress on hand, models ready to go, rentals loaded up- so we went for it! This is completely accurate for what it is like living in the Pacific Northwest, it’s beautiful but the weather is bizarre.

The goal of this shoot was to escape the formal vibes of a traditional wedding to create a natural, intimate ceremony instead. From Love Blooms Weddings, I mixed elements of a copper metal altar with a macrame hanging. In outdoor and nature filled ceremony spots, you don’t normally need to add much to them- they are already beautiful. I loved this metal altar because of its simplicity. The florals were seriously stunning and done by Bloom by Tara. She brought in darker rich colors that popped against the subtle grays of the rocks and trees. The dress is from aandbe Bridal Shop in Seattle and was designed by Rish. I went into their shop and hand picked this out with my model. They were so accommodating and really worked with me to pick something that matched our vision for this. For all things relaxed and boho, I LOVED Rish’s dresses with their texture and details that were out of this world.

Dress Shop: A&Be Seattle Dress: Rish Bridal Florals: Bloom by Tara Rentals: Love Blooms Weddings