Senior Photos: Chike

You’ll never know how far you can fly until you spread your wings and try.
— e.a.

Ah my heart! I've known this little-not-so-little-now boy since he was young! AND NOW- look at him. He's GROWN, and TALL, and SMART, and HANDSOME, and graduating high school. I grew up around Chike's family, and they are awesome. I hadn't seen them in years when I arrived at their home for this shoot, and instantly his mom was offering me dinner and his family was giving me hugs. I've said it before, but thats one of the best things about my job. It helps me stay connected with people. Life is crazy and it moves, and we move with it, and getting to reconnect with this family for this shoot made me so genuinely happy. Grateful to have had the opportunity to photography this handsome guy and reconnect with such an amazing family!