Fitness Shoot | Rachael's Good Eats

I grew up playing sports. I love being competitive, I love the human body, and I love getting sweaty. So when Rachael from Rachael's Good Eats asked me to do a fitness shoot with her, I couldn't wait. Getting to combine both of my passions in life into one shoot, PERFECT. Rachael is a nutritionist and JUST passed her NASM Certified Personal Trainer test (YAY! Congrats!) If you aren't following her already, check her out for meal ideas that look as good as they sound. I LOVED the tones from these images. We started the shoot indoor, in a space with ZERO natural light or windows, so we played around with some lighting and shadows and got some really great images. You'd be surprised to know that Rachael actually did a workout for me during this (I know, some people are just lucky enough to look that good during and after working out. Me on the other hand, HERE.) A super fun shoot, with a good friend, not a bad day at all in my book ;)

Thanks for checking it out, friends! 

Fitness Shoot | Rachael In Home Yoga

Rachael from Rachael's Good Eats recently teamed up with Physique 57 and asked me to get some photos of her during an in home workout sessions. For those who don't know, Physique 57 is an online workout program that allows you to complete your workouts anywhere, anytime, without equipment at your convenience. We shot these in my living room and she took me through some of her yoga routines.