2018 Mini Sessoin Recap

WOW. My heart is full.

This was my first official mini session and I didn’t know entirely what to expect with it. I went into with a few things I wanted though. I wanted to see my people- my families, some of the little kids I’ve been capturing since they were 1 and 2 years old. I was afraid with my workload this summer that I wasn’t going to get to see them this year, so that was my biggest priority was creating space and time in my calendar for these humans I love so much. I also wanted these to be FUN. Like, a lot of fun. I didn’t want them to feel stuffy, or too posed or stiff. My favorite photos are almost always candids and interaction based, so I designed a set that allowed for a lot of that. Lastly, I wanted to truly deliver on the images. I wanted to deliver emotions and happiness and wanted everybody else to see these genuine families that I know and love.

The day was long, my mom came out and helped with welcoming people and answering texts and calls and making sure everyone had what they needed. I had a local neighbor who brought down his truck for us to use and he stayed THE ENTIRE DAY because he thought it was so cool to be around. My dad brought down extension chords and helped set up some of the bigger things. AND each of my families brought their own energy, positivity, and fun attitudes. It was a team effort, and I was tired at the end but so energized from each and every one of these people I got to connect with that day.

From the BOTTOM OF MY HEART, thank you THANK YOU for coming out to see me. To let me capture you and yours. For letting me tell a small part of THIS chapter of your lives. I look forward to doing this again!

Seattle Fall Family Session | Cahill Family

The fall is great for me because my wedding season starts winding down and I'm able to slow things down just a little bit and spend some time with families that I LOVE. Check out Ashley and David (gorgeous humans as it is) and then they went and created two more beautiful humans and I'm just over here loving every ounce of it! It had been 2 years since I had seen this crew. We did family photos 2 years ago when their older daughter, Kennedy, was barely walking. When I showed up to their house for photos this time, she came running down the stairs with multiple bow options and full of opinions on which color should she wear. My jaw about hit the floor with how much she had grown in just 2 years. That is the exact reason why I think family photos are so important, and so special. Getting to document little Kennedy's story now is special to me, and as this family grows getting to help them capture these moments is so special. We walked around a nearby park in Seattle, Kennedy asked to see the back of my camera almost every photo and it was adorable. I left them feeling so much joy and happiness. Thank you again, Cahill family, for letting continue to document you guys! 

Portland At Home Maternity Session

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.
— Winnie the Pooh

A few months ago, I shared Courtney + Nick's announcement shoot. We met down towards Portland, I was beyond thrilled to be getting to see my good friend in her new pregnancy glow and even more excited that I was getting let in on a secret that the whole world didn't know yet ;) Now she is much further along in her pregnancy I couldn't wait to hop in my Jeep and head back down there to see her for some maternity photos! Courtney is one hot mom-to-be (Nick, if you're reading this, you have a hot wife alright?) This was a PDF in-home session and I am so in love with everything about it. I'm obsessed with the human body, it's abilities and how beautiful it is in every stage of life. You know what's really cool? I was scrolling through my blog archive and have multiple posts of these two over the years- from engagement session all the way to now maternity session. This is really special to me- I LOVE getting to help document LIFE. As it unfolds and happens, and as we grow into it and evolve, it's SO cool to be able to look back and see a relationship grow. To my gorgeous friend and her amazing husband, thank you for letting me be a part of so many chapters in your life together- I am so excited for you guys as you enter this next chapter of life!