Deena and Teel's Spring Kelley Farm Wedding

Deena and Teel were my first wedding of 2018! I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to kick my year off with than these two. When Deena first emailed me about her wedding, we met up for margaritas and I got to learn more about the two of them- instantly I fell in love with their energy and excitement about this wedding. I learned it was both of their second marriages, they both have kids that are grown and also getting married, they wanted this wedding to be done right, and I also learned that Deena runs a small group home for a handful of young men with certain disabilities who would also be in the wedding. Aside from the bride and groom, these guys stole the show. They were kind hearted, excited, passionate and ready to dance. This was early March, and it was sunny and clear skies. Deena grew up in an area nearby & farming and tractors and cowboy boots are a part of her heart. Kelley Farm accommodated her request and even left their John Deer tractor out for her to get some photos with. They laughed and dance until the moon was above them and I couldn’t be happier for them. Congrats D + T!