Kat and John's Snowy PNW Engagement Session

This is all of my winter wonderland dreams come true! I met up with Kat and John early one morning for their engagement session. We knew we were headed to the snow, and this is a location I like to get there either right as the sun is coming up or going down for both lighting purposes and crowd purposes. We had this place to ourselves and didn’t see a single person until we were packing up to head back out. We had about a mile hike into this location before the sun was up, so we parked our cars and bundled up to the walk. It was a gorgeous walk in, we got to talk about their upcoming wedding and the plans they had. I love when we get to walk a little bit before we shoot because it gets our blood moving a bit and gives us some time to get to know each other before my camera is in their face. Kat packed her dress in a backpack and we trekked in the snow to our final spot. From there is was pretty much magic. I LOVE how her red dress just pops against the white snow and those beautiful PNW mountains. We were done by 10am and were all ready for a solid nap.