Erin and Mitchell PNW Beach Engagement

We met up at Erin’s parent’s lakehouse for their engagement session last March. It was an overcast morning with rain predicted to come in later in the evening, the air was crisp and salty. I always love getting to incorporate special locations into shoots (especially when they are as pretty as this beach) but meeting at Erin’s parent’s house and getting to hear about her time spent in this place was really unique. These two made my heart completely melt this day. There are few photos where Erin isn’t giggling- she is one of the cutest humans alive. There are also few photos where Mitchell isn’t laughing, another good sign that there wedding day is going to be SO FREAKING FUN. They are light hearted, and fun, and we spent our ENTIRE session together laughing. I think the few photos I have of them trying to be serious ultimately ended in photos of them busting out laughing. THESE are the best sessions for me- and now looking back at these photos and our time together, I can not wait to celebrate their wedding with them and really capture two beautiful people who are full of life and crazy about each other! CHEERS!