Jaki + Trevor Mountain Top Engagement

I'm back with J+T for the second half of their engagement session. If you missed part 1, you can see it here. The second half of the shoot was mostly us just sitting on top of a mountain waiting for the sun to go down. There are definitely times in a shoot when we get a to a location, and I need to kill some time to get that golden light I love. The best part about this is we are able to sit down for a little bit and just talk and get to know each other, pop some champagne or have some snacks, and relax. This location is unique because it is literally a 360 view of mountains, there is not much shade or cover from the sun until it starts to go down a bit. And then there is a window of about 10 minutes where the sun is literally kissing the top of the some distant mountains and the lighting is so perfect, that's the 10 minutes I always want. Similar to on a wedding day, I will try to steal you away for those last few minutes of sunlight n the day, and this engagement shoot is a PRIME example of WHY I WNAT THAT. The warmth and colors you can get from a sunset are stunning. Scroll down towards the bottom of this post to see more of that sunset and the magic it creates!