Carli + Lance Tree Farm Wedding

This was my last wedding of the summer! Hard to believe but MAN it ended my wedding season the BEST. NOTE. POSSIBLE. These two, this day, the dress, the details, the people; everything was perfect. Look at HER! and look at HIM! TOTAL BABES! By the end of the night, I seriously felt part of the family. This happens sometimes when the wedding is small, but this wedding wasn't small. But the intimate details shared in toasts and small conversations I was lucky enough to have with family members and guests throughout the day, I could just feel so much love and support around these two on their wedding day. We had the most perfect weather and our timeline went flawlessly, we can chalk this up to a pretty rad group of vendors Carli handpicked for her wedding day. Just when I thought the day couldn't get better, the dance floor opened up. BEST. DANCE. PARTY. EVER. I can say with confidence that Carli (and maybe even Lance?!) never left the dance floor. I can also say that most of their guests also rarely left the dance floor- it was awesome. The night ended with a sparkler Exit, C+L ran through their tunnel, gave each other a big kiss, and exited waving behind them with huge smiles on their faces. It was truly a night I don't think most people were wanting to end, so much fun- such genuine and kindhearted energy, I have nothing but good feelings when I think back to this day.