Deena + Teel | Hazy Beach Engagement

I have late night conversations with the moon. He tells me about the sun, and I tell him about you.
— SL Gray

Meet Deena and Teel. She's a ray of PNW sunshine and he's a California boy at heart- naturally the beach was the perfect setting for these two. We took these during a very hazy summer week we were having in the PNW. Mountains were hidden behind smoke, the sun was foggy, but it made for a really pretty pastel sunset. I laughed out loud during most of this shoot, they showed me some of their dancing skills, Teel told me he really came around to liking the idea of an engagement photoshoot after about that 100th kiss. Deena showed me an awesome chest bump, and with Teel being so tall I was like legitimately impressed at her jump. At the end of the shoot, they even volunteered to dip into the water (my kinda bride right here- not afraid to get her dress a little salty for some photos!) I'm beyond excited for their wedding next year!