Announcement Shoot | Courtney + Nick

A grand adventure is about to begin.
— Winnie the Pooh

EEEEE!!!! That's a really good way to start a blog post, I'm sure. BUT YOU GUYS. This is my good friend Courtney, her husband Nick, their adorable fur-babies, AND their soon to be BABY, and I am head over heels about getting to share these photos! I received a couple of missed calls from this babe a couple of months ago and she told me they were expecting, and that nobody knew yet, and wanted to see if we could do some announcement photos followed by a maternity shoot. I could barely contain my excitement. I was driving home from Portland when I called her and the news instantly woke me up from my dazed auto drive feeling and put me in the BEST MOOD ever. So we set a date to take some photos a few weeks out from that call, with the idea that it would be spring which would mean it would be warm and sunny, so we could shoot at a little tulip farm that was set to open that weekend because the tulips would be in bloom. HA. PNW you never seem to fail us. We arrived at a tulip farm with NO tulips, they had not sprouted yet and it just looked like a field of dirt. I remembered passing a some sort of Japanese garden on the way into town so I had them follow me back there praying it would be something we could shoot at and we got pretty lucky, the photos turned out amazing! They brought their little pups along with some adorable flower crowns and we did a little mini announcement shoot! It was brutally cold that day considering it was supposed to be spring- it hailed on me as I drove home (no wonder the tulips hadn't come out yet!) I CANT WAIT to see this mama in a couple of months for her maternity shoot and am so excited for this new adventure!