Pike Place Market Proposal

Few things get me quite as excited as an email inquiry about a proposal. So when I got an email from Tyler about a proposal at Pike Place Market in Seattle, I was sooooo game. This plan was pretty epic. He was driving up from California, 13 hours, in his car with his dog, to surprise Lauren who was up in Washington with family. He had prearranged with her mom, and the plan was for the girls to spend the afternoon shopping in Seattle. They would end the day at Pike Place Market where Tyler had their dog leashed to a street light to catch her attention.  

The moments before a proposal are some of the longest minutes of life (and I'm just the photographer, I can't imagine being the one asking!) We sat there waiting, and waiting. I stood on the street and got asked to take about 35 photos of people in front of the Pike Place sign and Tyler paced behind me. He hid back in a small produce shop so he wouldn't be seen. A small crowd had actually gathered around the pup- it was a very popular corner and Seattle people love their dogs. So when she arrived, she started asking people why they have her dog. Finally, Tyler came out, she was totally surprised and the look on her face says it all. He got down on one knee and she said yes! There was clapping, cheering, hugging, crying, and even the dog was celebrating (yes- scroll down about 7 images) An awesome afternoon for everyone, and am so grateful to have gotten to be there to capture the moment! Congrats to these two!