Tyler + Vanessa | Engaged!

Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary
— Oscar Wilde

Meet Tyler + Vanessa! When we first decided to do an engagement session (and by "we decided" I mean, I strongly encouraged/influenced them into it) it was made very clear that they didn't want a traditional engagement session. When I asked why, Tyler mentioned that he was concerned it wouldn't capture the real them. He wanted to make sure these photos were representing their life how it really is. We spent some time trying to come up with what that meant- where we would shoot, what we would do, etc. I knew they had a little dog that they are both beyond in love with (trust me, after seeing these photos you will be too) so I suggested we take the dog for a walk.

Now, this is not my normal engagement session. I normally opt for secluded areas, without distractions, barriers or crowds. I like to get outside, and away from the city where I have more control over where and how I'm shooting. So when I suggested we take the dog for a walk down one of our small town's main streets, I had no idea where we would shoot or what we would do but I knew their dog was really cute and it was something they actually do in real life. So we headed out to walk their dog on an afternoon it was supposed to pour rain without coats or an umbrella. 

Luckily, it was GREAT! The rain held off and we found a few secluded spots where they were able to just hang out and be themselves. Their little fur-human, Joey, is quite the camera hog and whenever possible preferred to be front and center with his best smile on. I am so looking forward to the wedding of these two and can't wait to capture it and celebrate with them!