Summertime Rustic America Inspired Shoot

Yet it is only love which sets us free.
— Maya Angelou

Happy Fourth of July!! In honor of the beautiful holiday and celebrating our country and its roots I wanted to share this adorable rustic american styled shoot I put together! Kari and Monte are two friends of mine and are a REAL couple who have been married for 18 years and have a BEAUTIFUL family, adorable little house out in the farmlands of Washington and the cutest little barn. I love how important family is to them and being around their family it becomes so clear how much they just enjoy being together and enjoying one another- it's honestly refreshing. These two have held onto such a rich American tradition with their rustic lifestyle and I felt so inspired to capture it as beautifully as possible while also keeping it fairly simple holding true to their style. It was heavily influenced by American traditions so naturally we stuck with a red, white and blue theme. We incorporated small details like a local hand baked Cherry pie, airmail design elements, local blueberries as a floral element, blue antique dinnerware, and vintage flags. One of my favorite memories from the shoot happened as we were shooting and as I was peering through my camera I saw these large horses slowly start creeping into the frame. This is not a normal occurrence for me, I am not around horses very often and when I am they are normally on the other side of a fence. But Kari and Monte just turned around and started petting them, so simple and natural and beautiful. I hope you enjoy the simple and raw details from this shoot as much as I did and have a safe and happy Fourth of July! 

PAPER GOODS and STYLING: Eleven and West | Bouquet and Centerpiece: Wild Carrot Studio