Harshid + Ritika | A PROPOSAL

I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.
— Leo Christopher

I LOVE capturing proposals. The amount of FEELS I have surrounding these moments is ridiculous. I think the cutest thing about them is that I'm usually booked by the groom. If there is one thing that melts my heart it's a guy who cares about capturing a special day with a girl. It starts with an email, then we talk about everything he has planned up (another great part because I get to pick up on the excitement and effort they're putting into something so special), and once the day comes it ends with something as magical as this: 

Meet Harshid and Ritika. Harshid contacted me to capture parts of his proposal day which involved a day long scavenger hunt for Ritika and her friends. The hunt ended at the Japanese Gardens in Seattle, WA, a seriously gorgeous little spot. It was sweet, beautifully planned and perfectly executed! They were joined by their closest friends afterward for the most adorable group hug (again, all the feels) Congrats to these two and I am so happy to have gotten to be a part of such a fun day!