Meet Harley

I've been really busy behind the scenes lately! We bought a house and are in the process of updating it and moving into the new space. The good news is that I'm getting my own studio space! I can't wait to reorganize and really dive into this wedding season fully ready to go! But in the mean time, I've had to kind of put my sharing on the back burner. Fear not friends! I'm still here, just working a bit behind the scenes for now. I have A TON of stuff to share as soon as I get situated again but in the mean time just know that my sharing is going to be a bit sparse! With that said, I'll leave this little snapshop of my brother's new dog here to cheer you up. This is HARLEY! My family adopted her and her sister so now there are of these little guys running around. If that doesn't bring a smile to your face then I don't know what will ;) As always, you can reach me via my contact page with any questions! Thanks!