Parker + Brianne | Engaged

I still haven’t figured out how to sit across from you, and not be madly in love with everything you do.
— William Hannan

For Parker and Brianne, it was almost instant chemistry. They knew the day they met each other something was about to happen. They met at a work related presentation, Parker immediately was drawn to Brianne and sat right next to her introducing himself. I love how Brianne mentioned that the entire time she was sitting there, she was wishing she had put on mascara that morning. After that conversation, Brianne said she knew she was going to marry him. Parker said he knew that girl was about to turn his world upside down and she was the only person he saw in the room that day. (yeah guys, my heart just melted too) Flash forward to today, they're now on the final stretch of their engagement with a wedding fast approaching! We went back to the place Parker proposed to Brianne at the Seattle Arboretum bridge. We got there and it was flooded with family photo sessions so we walked around for a bit and came back right as the sun went down to a completely EMPTY bridge. This session made me SO excited for their upcoming wedding and I can't WAIT to get to be a part of this seriously heartwarming love story!