The Fredericks Family | Family Session

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses
— Joyce Brothers

This might sound weird, but I think it's a huge compliment- this family is one of those families you see on the side of a bus. Let me explain. Usually these photos you see on buses are an advertisement for something, but it's usually a family that's really good looking but also real and relatable. They're faces that are likable and make you feel something. You want to be a part of that family because they look happy and fun and clearly have excellent genes- those darn bus families, so perfect. Well, I found a REAL LIFE bus family. Meet the Fredericks! Perfect human specimens. I was so excited to get to photograph them and they were so genuine to shoot that it made it easy. We told secrets, laughed, touched wet sea creatures and climbed on rocks, it was a great afternoon. I've said it before but fall + winter give me the opportunity and time to shoot a lot of families, and I'm loving getting to spend afternoons with beautiful and fun families like this one!