Reblogged | My Love Story

I couldn't stand losing some of my old blog posts at Curiously Caffeinated, my former blog, so I'm going to repost them here so they don't forever disappear from the interwebs. Whether you saw this post the first time and are reading it again or this is your first time reading it- I hope it gives you a smile almost as big as mine every time I read it (and I've read it and told it roughly 311 times..) Enjoy!

So a request has been made to share some exciting news that has happened. But before that I have to introduce the guy who frequently finds himself behind the camera of this blog. Meet David. He stole my heart many years ago in highschool and I’ve followed him around the country ever since. I’d say behind every blog is not only the blogger but also a number one supporter, and he is mine. From learning how to work my camera to getting down on the ground to assist with photos and even helping me brainstorm my next project- I owe this one a big thank you. And the big news? Oh yeah, we’re engaged! Couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come for us! But I have to share the proposal because he truly went all out on this.

During a weekend visit back to the west coast, two of my college roommates spent the night at my house just like old times.The next morning started off very routine with a coffee run and we decided to head out for a morning boat ride. While on our morning cruise, I received a call from another college friend whom I thought was miles away in California. She tells me that we need to go back to my dock and quickly hands up before I can get any more information out of her. I was confused. As we pull up to the dock, her and my high school best friend are both standing there (looking absolutely adorable I must add) holding two Nordstrom boxes. I told you all I was a true Nordy, this guy knows the way to my heart! Attached to the boxes is a note telling me I have an hour to get ready, don’t worry about what to wear because it is in these boxes, have a great day with my girls and that he loves me. I was excited! A whole day to spend with some of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in months! From that point on we were off on a day long scaventure hunt that took us all around my hometown: from where David and I went on our first date, to my favorite nail salon, to the spot he “asked me out” in high school, to my favorite restaurant, to my grandpa’s house and his parent’s house, and led me back home. My dad was slyly on one knee in his jeep asking me to come help him with something really quick when we pulled into the driveway. Let’s get one thing straight- my dad knows cars. He would never need to ask me for help with a car. So clearly something was up. As I peeked in to see what my dad needed, my final clue was sitting on the dashboard instructing me towards the backyard by the lake. (Dad, I’m still wondering how long you had been kneeling there waiting for my arrival.) I finally found David in the backyard, nervously awaiting my arrival where he finally got down on one knee and asked the question. This is a very brief summary of all the details that went into the day and I only scratched the surface of the feelings I had, but it at least gives you all a glance into one of the most exciting days of my life. I had such a fun day riding around town with my best friends and it ended perfectly, with a ‘Yes’. Cheers!

& the beautiful photos below were provided by the AMAZING Jordan Voth Photography