David + Bonnie | Engaged

Happiness is only real, when shared...
— Into the Wild

A month or so ago, I received a text message that just about made me pee myself. Not that it was any surprise, but I was beyond excited to find out that these two were finally engaged. While vacationing in the sunshine of San Diego, David turned a warm walk on the beach into a romantic proposal where he got down on one knee and asked Bonnie to marry him. So an official Congrats to Donnie! (I always tell them that if they were a celebrity couple, that would be their celebrity couple name) I couldn't wait to get them back to the burgh to get some photos and capture their newly-engaged bliss on film. I have to thank Bonnie for this adorable Into the Wild quote she posted, it entirely sums up everything I know about them as a couple. I found myself constantly smiling behind the camera as I watched these two interact. I was just sure this is what person who invented Reese's Peanut Butter cups felt like- some things just belong together and when you witness it, it's magical! I'm so happy that these two have each other and I'm blessed to be able to call them friends.