Armando + Natalie | Engaged

I love you, Not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you.
— Roy Croft

I have been feeling extremely blessed lately because recently I've been introduced to so many amazing and beautiful couples. It's truly my favorite part about photography. Meeting a couple for the first time, hearing their love story and finding a way to document it- it's just magical! Most recently I got the opportunity to meet Natalie and Armando. I could tell from our first email that Natalie has a creative heart and we would be an amazing fit because she had this idea of a row boat and a floppy hat (obviously I was all about that!) We set off to Pittsburgh's North Park Boathouse and rented a row boat. Let me tell you something. You can really see how a couple works together when they're trying to reposition themselves in a tiny rowboat between poses without tipping the boat over or knocking the other one into the water. These two did it almost seamlessly and I was beyond impressed. It was also raining like all week, and the chance that it just so happened to not only stop raining but be SUNNY during the few hours we had scheduled to shoot was some kind of fate or mystical sign from the universe that Natalie + Armando are meant to be (and I was meant to take their engagement photos on that day at that time!)