You're here because we've decided to work together. For that, I'm doing a happy dance somewhere and we can do a virtual fist pump because this is about to be awesome. 

You are trusting me with something incredibly special to you and that, my friend, I do not take lightly! I can't wait to help you capture and tell your story! I want this to be a resource for you as you move forward with your planning process. If you have questions at any point, never hesitate to reach out to me. 

Our Time Together

Booking: Sign Contract + Mail deposit 

Engagements: (if you choose to include) Usually 3-8 months prior to the wedding

Final Payment: Due 30 day before

Check Ins: I'll check in with you 1-2 weeks before your wedding to go over timeline and see if we have any questions 

Timeline and Family Shot List: Due 3 days before the wedding 

Wedding day: We party! 

Final Delivery: 6-8 weeks from wedding date (I do my best to get these to you as fast as possible, I promise! Please be patient with me during busy season) 


I get asked a lot about the planning process! It's understandable. So I've put together my two-cents about what I recommend and think about the wedding day timeline and details. The key take-aways though would be 1. this is YOUR day, regardless of what I recommend- we do what you want! 2. I love LIGHT and 3. When in doubt, add 10 minutes.


If capturing details are important to you (and I hope they are!) I ask that you pack all of your details together on the day of your wedding day. I do this for a few reasons, 1. it will help you pack up ahead of time so you don't forget anything the day of and 2. it makes photographing them a breeze and I won't have to bother you tracking everything down. I will do my best to track down all of your details but can not guarantee everything will be captured if I don't know about it!  One thing that is often forgotten during a wedding is the invitations. If you don't want to worry about bringing a copy of your invite, feel free to mail me one in advance and I'll be sure to bring it! 

  • Dress + Hanger
  • Rings + Ring Boxes 
  • Garter 
  • Jewelry
  • Invitations
  • Notes or Vows 
  • Flowers 
  • Bridesmaid / Groomsmen gifts
  • Other things to let me know about are family heirloom items, special dress details, etc. 


The place where you and your bridesmaids get ready is SO important in regards to photography and is often overlooked. We want rooms with lots of natural light and windows for the best photos. If possible, try to position yourself facing windows during make up and getting into your dress. If you have the option to be outside or on a patio, this is always a great option as well. Additionally, asking your girls to keep clutter to one spot in the darkest part of the room can help prevent unwanted details in the back of photos. I’ll be there to help position you for the best photos but this is just one small thing to think about during your wedding planning!  


Often times when working with a second shooter, I will spend my time shooting the bride and her ladies getting ready and my second shooter will be with the other group. A lot of the weddings I shoot, the guys are given a dark little windowless room to get ready in and spend about 4 minutes getting ready. We can't always do much about the room, though if its an option and these shots are important to you I would consider looking into alternatives if needed. Additionally, waiting until the second shooter arrives to get dressed ensures we can get great shots of the details (tie, socks, cuff links, watches, etc) before they're already on. 


If I had one piece of advice, it would be to STRONGLY consider doing a First Look. Do I require it? Absolutely not! But there are amazing benefits to doing one. The best reason is that is sets up the timeline for the day in a way that allows you to enjoy more time with your family, friends and guests who have come to celebrate with you. By doing a first look, we are able to do family photos ahead of the ceremony which frees up time for you to enjoy cocktail hour and not feel rushed after your ceremony. It's also a great opportunity to spend some uninterrupted time together, say a prayer together, exchange gifts, read through your vows or just affirm each other. With that said, this is YOUR wedding and if this is something you and your fiance are not interested in, hakuna matata! 


As your start to get into the nitty gritty of your wedding day and building out your timeline, be sure to share that timeline with not only me, but other vendors, coordinators and even family members who it concerns. Please also share a timeline with family members who need to be there for family photos. We will have an allotted time block for these photos and if family members are late or not present there is nothing I can do to ensure we get a photo with them. 

If I could have one super power on a wedding day it would hands down be the ability to slow time. The more we work through your timeline together, the better. Don't forget to account for transportation time if we will be moving to various locations. Ideally, I’d love an hour with you while getting ready to give me enough time to shoot your details, make up and getting into the dress. Group shots are notorious for taking longer than you’d expect. A safe guess is about 5 minutes per shot. I will probably not take 5 minutes to get the shot, but between getting the right people in the frame and positioning them, it’s best to have more time than be out of time. We need about 45 minutes for Bride and Groom portraits (another reason that first looks absolutely rule!) Lastly, usually 10-15 minutes around sunset I like to steal you for some dreamy sunset photos if possible! Here are some great articles you can also check out that talk more about timelines and planning!

5 Tips for Your Wedding Day Timeline

Wedding Day Photography Schedule 

Bridal Guide's Complete Wedding Day Timeline


I am a light chaser. Light can make or break a photo. As a photographer, it’s my job to educate you on this because you’ve hired me for a reason and I want to make sure you’re as happy as a clam with these photos! Know that for family photos, portraits, and other super important images, the better the light the better the photo. What is good light? We're going to be looking for big, open spaces with soft shade on sunny days. If we are indoor we want big open rooms with lots of windows. Bright and harsh sunlight overhead casts shadows on faces and can be unflattering so to combat bright days we will try to shoot in even shade.  

  • We will shoot outside whenever possible for the best lighting
  • We will shoot near a window whenever possible for best lighting 
  • If its sunny, we will look for shade or position your backs towards the sunlight to prevent harsh shadows 
  • Overhead and fluorescent lights are also generally unflattering.
  • String lights can create an amazing ambiant light for dancing and evening photos. 
  • Flash photography is usually required for dark spaces 


My last piece of advice. And it’s a good one. Keep in mind what’s really important- the marriage! The marriage is what’s forever! Can I get a HECK YES?! As a photographer, photos are important to me. I’ll never forget amist my own wedding planning, I made the following statement,  “photos are the most important part of the day!” My dear husband, bless his big and forgiving heart, put his giant paws on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eyes and said “No, the marriage is the most important part” HE WAS SO RIGHT. Brides- we have a tendency to get so wrapped up in the details, sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. This is YOUR day. Your special, magical and glorious day where you’ll be marrying your best friend. Soak it all up and enjoy it! 



Q: How long have you been a wedding photographer? 

I have been shooting weddings for 3 years. Previous to weddings I did sideline photography for a few years in 2012 and portraits following that. After shooting some engagements for friends, the shoots snowballed into more and more and I started getting asked to shoot weddings while living in Pittsburgh. I fell in love with it! I always considered myself a story teller of some sort and this is one of the best stories to tell of all! Every wedding is a little different but they're all special and unique.

Q: Will we get to actually print and use our photos after our wedding? 

Heck yes! You can order albums and prints through me if you'd like or I can recommend some other printers to use as well! Along with the photos you'll receive a personal-use release to print the images as big and as often as you'd like! My biggest fear for these photos is that they never take form outside of the screen, so PLEASE print your photos! 

Q: How many photographers will there be at our wedding? 

Unless a second shooter is booked under our contract, I can only guarantee that I will be the only photographer at the wedding. There are times when I will bring along an assistant or mentee but these situations will be discussed ahead of time and I do not guarantee any additional photos from them if they are not under contract. 

Q: Should I book a second shooter? 

Depends. Whenever possible, I say yes because there are many benefits but ultimately it is up to you. Some weddings need a second shooter more than others and I'd be happy to discuss this with you further. If you're getting ready in separate locations, I highly recommend it as I can only be in one place at a time. If you have an extensive family shot list or are not doing a first look, it can also be helpful to have a second shooter who can help capture additional photos or cocktail hour. Additionally, added coverage ensures your day is being captured to its fullest. 

Q: Who is your second shooter?

My husband second shoots about 80% of my weddings. When he is available he is my go-to for a second shooter. I trained him as my second shooter and he has been able to see weddings through the editing process with me and knows what I need from his images. We have done so many weddings together that it is a routine at this point. When he is not available, I have a handful of close photographer friends who I reach out to depending on their availability with their own wedding schedule. All of my second shooters are individuals I trust to be dependable, reliable, and deliver the high quality of standard that I expect when I deliver a wedding album. 

Q: Are you going to tell me what poses to do? 

I try to lean towards the photojournalist side of things and capture real and genuine moments. With that said, I will absolutely give you direction and cues to ensure we get some beautiful shots. I like to suggest actions versus exact poses to get you to naturally move into a pose so you feel less stiff. I know how strange it can be to be on that side of the camera so I'll do my best to make it easy for both of us! I love engagement sessions for this reason exactly. I'm able to get to know you guys and see how you work on that side of the camera. We will be able to develop a relationship ahead of your wedding day and I can educate you on the best things to think about while "posing". Again, let's aim for some real playful moments with big laughs, deep kisses and lots of fun. 

Q: What if its raining? 

While shooting outside is ideal, rain in the PNW is something we have to deal with. I can shoot outside in light rain so long as you are comfortable with it but if it gets too wet we will look for covered awnings or bring umbrellas for any outdoor shots. 

Q: Do you take shot lists?  

When I started this, I used to. But I stopped accepting them because I never looked at them. I'm going to be capturing what is going on and what is happening as the day takes place. For family portraits, I do require a family shot list which we will discuss a week before the wedding.

Q: How long does it take to receive my photos? 

Processing time is 8-10 weeks after the date of your wedding. For portraits and engagement it is 2-3 weeks. 

Q: Will we be featured on a blog or in a magazine? 

While I have had features on wedding blogs, this is not something that is guaranteed. It depends on what the publishers are looking for, usually fresh and uniquely designed weddings! Hopefully yours will be a good fit for one of them! If this is extremely important to you, please discuss it with me ahead of time. 

Q: What equipment do you use? 

I shoot on a Canon Mark III and an assortment of L-glass lenses. I always bring a back up in the rare event that anything should occur to one of my cameras or lenses!

Q: Will you photoshop [ insert wishes here ] for me ? 

I will be editing all photos to my artistic standard. For any additional editing or retouching which includes color changes, skin retouching and shaping, etc. there will be an additional hourly charge. 

Q: Do you deliver all of the RAW images? 

No. I carefully cull and select the BEST images of the day. I shoot a TON of photos and usually multiple of the same image. I pick the best, I edit them to my artistic standard and you receive the high resolution edited images. I want to deliver as many photos as possible, you will receive everything that meets my standard. 


This is a sample timeline for a 8 HOUR package. Everything can be shifted and adjusted based on your own wedding day but this give you a glimpse at what I'm looking for in terms of time allotment and layout. 

10:00 Getting Ready 


- Shoots Details while Bride finishes getting ready - 

TIPS: Have details ready to go for me when I arrive. You can do this ahead of time by placing invitations, rings, hair pieces, jewelry, shoes, garter, and any other small details in a box for me to find when I get there. This will not only help you pack up ahead of time so you don't forget things but also allow me to do my work and not have to bother you with tracking down details the morning of. I'll immediately shoot the dress upon arrival then shoot any final make up touches and detail shots.

Ideal Time Allotment: 45 Minutes 

Ideal Time of Day: Morning 

Ideal Location: Bridal Suite with LOTS of NATURAL light



Ideal Location: Bridal Suite or outside - LOTS of NATURAL light


TIPS: THESE are the photos you want. I can not stress this enough. If there is one area of the timeline to emphasize, THIS is it. We will do a secluded first look with just the bride + groom where I will sit back and capture it. These normally takes no more than 10 minutes while I give you your moment. Then I'll direct us to an ideal location for photos and we will shoot as long as possible :) 

Ideal Time Allotment: 60 Minutes 

Ideal Time of Day: Early Afternoon

Ideal Location: Secluded venue garden or scenic area, or empty venue hall with lots of natural light



TIPS: Family photos is by far the most hectic photo session of the day. There are a lot of people to handle and everyone is so excited, but the more organized we are going into it the faster we can be and the sooner you all can get to the celebration!  I will not be chasing down aunts and uncles so its important for family members to be aware of what time they need to be where. This is a great opportunity for someone close to you to step in and help out with getting people grouped together and ready to go. 

Ideal Time Allotment: 3 minutes per group

Ideal Time of Day: Afternoon

Ideal Location: Lots of open space like a garden or scenic area, or empty venue hall with lots of natural light



- Photographer captures details and guests arriving -


I will position myself up front in most cases to capture you coming down the aisle and a close up of the groom. My second shooter will be in the back of the aisle and get you guys from behind coming down the aisle. I do recommend suggesting an unplugged ceremony to guests so iphones, cameras, gopros and ipads (YES, I said ipads, it happened) are not in the view or obscuring any photos. I will move around a lot during the ceremony from the aisle, to the back of the room, to the sides of the aisle and will be right down the aisle for the first kiss.


If these are something you want, this is a great time to do it. Inform those involved ahead of time that we will be taking a couple of photos right after the ceremony as people head into the cocktail hour. These photos are quick, large groups. Think all of your cousins, aunts and uncles in on photo. Again if this is something we decide to include, a set list of shots will be decided ahead of time and we would have 5 minutes per grouping. 



- Photographer captures candid photos + reception details -

6:30 DINNER 

This is when I eat too! Please discuss this with your caterer ahead of time. Some caterers will wait to feed the vendors until after all guests have been fed, which means I will be taking my dinner break during toasts. To ensure I do not miss any shots like toasts, I should be eating when you are.




TIPS: The time for these varies depending on the season, location, sunset and lighting but this is a photographer's DREAM time to take photos. It's called golden hour and it produces the best and most flattering light on our skin. I'll keep an eye on the sky for us and if this is something we want to include I will come and get you around that time.

Ideal Time Allotment: 20 minutes

Ideal Time of Day: 30 minutes before sunset



This day is SPECIAL. It contains a story that deserves to be captured beautifully, displayed for all eyes to see, for many years to come, over and over again. I am here to help you do that. In my honest opinion, albums are priceless. 


Leather albums embody traditional and classical look that stand the test of time. these are handcrafted with italian leathers which are soft and suede-like. these albums include 10 spreads printed on archival luster finished paper with lay flat binding. leather albums can please allow 5 weeks for production. 

Available Sizes:

8x8 - $336 

10x10 - $360 

9x12 - $372

Add'l Spread: $20

Add Embossing: $30


Photo cover albums allow you to artfully display your images on the outside of the album giving you full creative freedom. These are protected with a laminate finish and give your album a contemporary feel. These albums include 10 spreads printed on archival luster finished paper with a lay flat binding. Please allow 5 weeks for production.


8x8 - $336 

10x10 - $340 

9x12 - $352

Add'l Spread: $20

Add Embossing: $30


Classic and timeless, these hard fabric covered albums features premium ultra-thick paper. fabric color options and foil stamped covers and spines. These albums include 10 spreads and have a slightly quicker production time, please allow 2-3 weeks for production.

Available Sizes:

8.5x8.5 - $195 

8.25x11 - $240

10x10 - $240

12x12 - $320

Add'l Spread: $10.00

Foil Embossing: INCLUDED


These make the perfect add on for parents and as gifts. The minis are scaled down duplicate of the standard albums. These are only available when purchasing a standard Leather or Linen album. These albums include 10 spreads printed on archival luster paper with lay flat binding. 

Album Size:






Mini Size:

6x6 $145

6x6 $145

5.25x7 $145

5x7.5 $145

Embossing not available


For a few stand out photos for walls and shelves these premium prints are pressed into archival paper with a matte finish. Framing available, just ask! 

Sizes + Pricing

Matte eggshell finish. Flat Rate Pricing $35

(4 photos) 5x7

(2 photos) 8x8

(2 photos) 8x10 – $24

(1 photos) 11x14 – $24 

Large Format: Premium giclee prints on archival paper

16x16 – $50

16x20 – $59

18x24 –$68

20x20 –$59

20x30 – $78

24x36 – $85

30x30 – $88

30x40 – $106

40x60 – $185



High quality, real wood, handmade frames made to fit any size. Available in black, ornate black, gold, warm gold, and brown.


Contemporary and deep set frames made to hold any size canvas. Available in black, white, gold, silver and brown.

8 x 10 - $100

11 x 14 - $117

16 x 20 - $150 (popular size)

20 x 24 - $180 (popular size)

24 x 26 - $246